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  • $ 5,000.00 ranks #1 and ranks on the first page of search terms that matter to The Hill Country. Our visitors are getting the information they want, and are on our site specifically because it has what they are looking for. Why advertise to millions all over the world when your business is right here in The Hill Country? We’re focused and dedicated to this area, just like you, and our results for our customers prove that. Save money, and drive your advertising with a focus on people who are genuinely interested.

Our Banner advertising opportunities yield results like you have never experienced in traditional advertising, with millions of eyes on your ad every month from local, targeted consumers. 

Banner Ads are placed in the right rail of our website, and can link directly to your website, blog, social media page or other internet based service of your choosing. We can also send you monthly reports that detail how many views and clicks your ad is getting. Interested in a custom option or CPM campaign? We can do that too. 

#1 result on thousands of Google Searches
3 Million Pages viewed per month
1 Million unique visitors per month
600 new articles published per month
Articles average 30,000 monthly views
Ads average 100k impressions per week

Home Page: $5,000 Per Year
City Page:    $3,000 Per Year
All Pages:     $10,000 Per Year
Other Page:  $2,000 Per Year


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